Diaame, the Agile & Lean Advisory Service Experts

Diaame's expertise in creating unique approach using Lean & Agile Principles can enable organizations in achieving continuous improvement. Our Customized Visualization Methods can enable them to take proactive decisions. Improvements can be measured quantitatively using minimal metrics to ensure transparency in their transformation journey.


Your Learning Partner for Pursuing the Globally Accepted Credentials to Play Your Role More Effectively

How do We Make this Happen? - Using "Diaame Learning System (DLS)", DLS Made Diaame a Unique Brand in a Very Short Time.

Classroom Training

Public Workshop & Certification Programs

Highly Interactive Sessions, Enriched with Simulation, Games, Transformation Case Studies, Consulting/Advisory Examples & Open for Public Enrollment. Your Learning Happens Unknowingly Standing on Top of Our Unique Learning Framework Designed After Many Years of Research, Development & Experiments Performed in different Phases of Multiple Consulting/Advisory Assignments. Customizations will be done based on the Enrolled Participants Profile & Expertise. The Whole Learning System is Designed & Implemented Using Evolutionary ApproachKanban Method. The Learning System uses Kanban Functional Elements &  Scaling Principles. The “WIP Limit” is Applied to all Certification Programs to Make the Service “Fit for Learner’s Purpose”. Visit Trainer’s Profile & Recommendations. Also, Visit Trainer’s Blogs in the Community Web Site Hangout Agile Global Learning Community (HAGLC)” Click to View Some of the Moments Captured in Diaame’s Journey. Our Unique Learning System is the Main Differentiator to Place Diaame – A Brand in a Very Short Time.

online classroom training

Online Video Sessions

The Follow-up Video/Audio Sessions will Help the Participants to Discuss the List of Experiments Performed After the Certification Programs. We Conduct the Follow-up Sessions in a Mutually Agreed Timelines. The Selected Input Parameters will be Analyzed & Discussed in detail. These discussions will Help the Participants to Identify the New Sources of Dissatisfaction, Setting the Lower Control Limit (LCL) & Upper Control Limit (UCL) of the Input Parameters for the Next Experiment, Apply 80/20 Rule and Move Forward to the Next Level of Excellence – Eventually the #ContinuousLearning #ContinuousImprovement will become the Part of your Behaviour. The #Evolutionary Growth will Happen Automatically in your Entire Life – Our Way of “Transforming Life” of Our Partners. This is the Primary Objective in Conducting Follow-up Video Sessions. Identify the Right Spot and Applying Fix Always Eliminate the Gap and Connect the Dots with Strong Base. Eventually, You will be able to add as Many Items as You Want in Your “Knowledge Empire”– That is Our Target Spot, Where We Eliminate the Complete Dependency & You become the “Emperor” – Time to Increase the Boundary of Your Empire & Move Forward… You are not Meant for Where You Stand at the Moment!

Corporate Group Training-Workshops

Corporate Workshop / Consulting / Advisory Programs

The Private Workshop & Certification Programs are different from the Public One. The Customer List Includes Start-ups, Mid-Level & Large Organizations Including Fortune 500. We also Conduct the Private Workshops for the C-Level Executives in the Same Organizations. Most of the Times, the C-Level Executives Recommend it for Senior Management Team and Other Key Stakeholders. These Programs are also Conduct for different Leadership Levels in All Organizations. The Levels include Engagement Level, Business Unit (BU) Level, Account Level, Offshore Development Centre (ODC) Level, Projec / Program / Product Level. For Secured ODC’s (SODC) especially in Banking & Similar Domains, We Conduct the Programs in their ODC’s or any of the Preferred Customer Locatons. We will be using Diaame’s Learning System (DLS) with the Required Customizations on the Simulation, Games, Transformation Case Studies, Consulting/Advisory Tools & Scientific Methods to Make the Partner’s or Customer’s Business or Learning “Fit for Purpose.”

Who We are? The Lean/Agile/Kanban Advisory Service Experts & Your Learning Partner!


To be the Globally Preferred Consulting/Advisory, Learning Partner through Value Creation Within the Boundary of Lean, Agile, Kanban, Coaching Using Diaame’s Learning System.


To provide Consulting/Advisory, Coaching Services to Transform Our Partners/Customers Business With Support from Diaame’s Learning System (DLS) across the Information Technology & Other Industries Where “Knowldge Workers Works”. The DLS uses Lean Principles, Agile Practices, Kanban Method & Evolutionary Approach to Maximize Agility, Faster Delivery, More Predictability. This Eventually Makes the Business “Fit for Purpose” by Enabling Continuous Learning, Continuous Improvement & Get the Benefits of  Evolutionary Growth.

Success Manifesto

Innovation Starts Here

Evolution of Business Model

Applying Thoughts, Data-Driven Decisions & Proactive Movements

Apply Automation/Re-engineering to Efficient/Inefficient Operations to Magnify Efficiency/Inefficiency

Identify New Sources of Dissatisfaction & Apply 80/20 Rule

Observe & Vary the Input Parameters to Reach the Next Level of Excellence

Transformation at a Glance

Message from Team Diaame’s Think Tanks

We are the Lean & Agile Advisory Service Experts. The Entire Organization is Driven Using Kanban Method, Lean Principles & Agile Practices. 

Success Manifesto

Diaame’s Success Manifesto is Unique and We Always Open Multiple Windows for our Customers/Partners to Got to the Next Level of Excellence!

Focus “How We Do” OVER “What We Do” & Standout from the Crowd

Focus “Going Xtra Miles” OVER “Doing Things” & Get Rewarded

Look at “One Self” OVER Looking at “Others” & Reach the Next Level of Excellence

 Team Diaame Always Compete with Ourselves to Reach the Next Level of Excellence. We Enable & Empower Our Customers/Partners Using Scientific Methods & Tools to Standout from the Crowd Irrespective of the Domain they are in. Yes, We work across the domains, but within the Boundary (Agile, Lean, Kanban, Coaching & Diaame’ Learning System) and Maintain Mutual Beneficial Relationship by Walking the Xtra Mile and We are here in Our Boundary for –

“Bridging the Gap by Delivering Value Beyond Contract”

Even though the Consulting/Advisory Services Started in a Full-Fledged Manner by the End of 2017, We have taken the Initial Steps in the 4th Quarter of 2008 and Was an Amazing Journey Evolved Over a Period of Time:

#ContinuousLearning #ContinuousImprovement

An Example of Growth Using the Power of “Evolutionary Approach”. 

This is the Period We Completed Many Research, Development & Experiments in Different Horizontals & Verticals Where Knowledge Workers Works. The Results has Played an Important Role in DLS Building.

Does One Size Fits All?

The Experiments are Applied in Government & Corporate Sectors in India & Abroad. The Results Given More Insights in DLS Creation, Enabling Customization Specific to the Customer/Partners Business.

The DLS Empowers us to Customize All Our Consulting / Advisory / Certification Programs More  Easy & Make the Partner / Customer Business / Learning “Fit for Purpose”. The Customization is Specifically Executed as Every Business / Project / are Unique Endeavors. 

Information Technology Revolution

We are Living in the Era of “Information Technology Revolution”, the Moment You Key-in any “Topic”, the Search Engine is Going to Pull Plenty of Related Links. But It is Important to Give Complete Focus to “Authenticated” or “Authorized” Links. Basically, It is More Important to Know “What Not to Focus” than “What to Focus” OR “What Not to Do” than “What to do”, This is absolutely going to Improve the “Quality of Your Service”.

“Team Diaame” is Practicing this Since 2008 and Reached the Current Maturity Level. The Philosophy Remains the Same Inspired by the Legend Bruce Lee “Flow Like Water”. Our Current Focus is “Consulting / Advisory / Life Transformation / Diaame Learning System” Within the Boundary of “Agile, Lean, Kanban, Coaching & Learning”. But What do We do for the “Next Two Decades”?

Diaame’s Think Tanks have a Clear Map on this and We would be Publishing Outcomes on a Periodical Basis. The Primary Objective is to:

Maximize Agility || Faster Delivery || More Predictability

But, How do We make this Happen? – The How Part is Most Important & the One that Helps Anyone to Stand-out from the Crowd:

How do We Adapt & Respond to the Market Changes When You Have Two Decades of Plan? – The Business Agility!

The Answer is Very Simple, We have Done it in the Past & that Created the Unique Value for the Brand “Diaame”. Do You Know Indian Army is one of the Best Example of Implementing Agile with Maximum Agility?

Agility is a Part of Any Proud Army Members (“Jawan”) Behavior. The Think Tanks in Army Always have Thousands of Plan for All Missions due to the High Degree of “Volatility”, “Uncertainty”, “Complexity” & “Ambiguity” (VUCA).

They Never be able to Predict Opposition’s Movements. They Can Survive Only by Demonstrating “Agility”. Team Diaame too Acquired this behavior to become more effective. We Also Encourage our Customers / Partners also to Acquire this using Scientific Methods & Tools.

In order to Make this Happen, We Always give Special Attention Starting from Proposal Until the Last Piece of Delivery. The DLS helps to Achieve Quick-wins Combined with Go/No Go Options in a Periodical basis from Kickoff Until Last Piece of Delivery – We Never Step-in Any Phase Until We are Sure about the “Value Add.”

How do We Stay Competent in the Market?

We Do Continuous Experiments in the Market within the Boundary of Lean, Agile, Kanban & Coaching Using Different Scientific Methods & Techniques to Understand the Pulse of the Market on a Regular basis Along with Maintaning Consistent Special Attention to the “How” Part – That Really Keeps Our Brand Unique & Standout from the Crowd.

The “CRUX” of Our Evolutionary Growth is that We Always Compete with Ourselves and Develop this as a Culture Across the Organization. We Strongly Believe in the Philosophy of “WATER”:

Flow Like Water


Humility || Harmony || Flexibility

What We Do? Consulting/Advisory Services & Your Learning Partner with in the Boundary of Agile, Lean, Kanban & Coaching

Consulting/Advisory Services

Diaame is Well Known in the Market as the “Lean & Agile Advisory Service Experts”. We Offer Consulting/Advisory & Learning Services to Our Partners / Customers. Most of Our Consulting/Advisroy Services, We Offer Customized Learning System, Vital Part of Our Consulting/Advisory Assignments. Each of these Consulting Assignments are Spanned Across 7 to 10 Working Days with a “Go/No Go discussions Tagged for Different Milestones. This Really Empowers the Customers / Partners to Take Data-Driven Decisions More Faster. We do not Bill our Customers Unless there is a Need for a Mutually Agreed Physical Presence. During the Assignment, We Create a Project Champion within the Customer/Partner Organization. The Project Champion Will be Driving the Transformation after the Initial Period (7 to 10 Days). This Way We are Empowering the Organization to Create Talents within their Team and Giving an Option to Extend the Transformation Journey across the Organization through a Cost-Effective Way. Diaame’s Ultimate Objective is to Make the Customer/Partner’s Business “Fit for Purpose” by Empowering the Available Talents & Extend it Across the Organization based on Need – This Win-Win Approach Helps us to be More Smarter in the Market in Terms of Value Add & Expertise. The Project Champion Will be Groomed with the Diaame’s Learning System Consists of “Evolutionary Learning, Coaching, Mentoring, Gaming, Simulation & Many More Based on the Unique Challenges Faced in the Partner/Customer Business.

  • Design of Taskboards* 
  • Review of Taskboards*
  • Choosing the Right Taskboard for Yourself based on the Challenges that You Face*
  • Suggesting the Right Taskboards for Your Team*
  • Suggesting the Right Taskboards for Your Senior Management based on the Challenges that they Face*
  • Suggesting the Right Taskboard for any other Key Stakeholders*
  • Improve Collaboration & Visibility across Project / Program / Service / Enterprise based on the System Boundary Applicable to You*

*Single Taskboard Irrespective of the Agile Approach / Framework / Process / Method (Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, Scrumban etc.) Followed by Your Team or Organization.

  • Make Your Standup Meetings & Planning Meetings More Effective**
  • Discourage the Ineffective Ways of Multitasking**
  • Encourage the Effective Ways of Multitasking & Many More to Make Your Business “Fit for Purpose”**
  • Design a System Using Agile Practices, Lean Principles & Kanban Method**
  • Implement the Designed System**
  • Manage the Day to Day Operations of the Implemented System**
  • Scale it @ Different Levels (Project. Program, Services & Enterprise)**

**The Consulting/Advisory Services are Applicable to Project Work Following Agile/Waterfall Methodlogy & Operations Work.

Your Learning, Advisory & Consulting Partner || Partner & Grow With Us

System Landscape – Advisory/Consulting

Customized Plans to Make Your Business “Fit for Purpose”

Workshop & Certification Programs

I. Team Kanban Practitioner® (TKP®)

Pursuing TKP® will help you you to get deep learning in Visualization.

You Can Use Kanban Taskboard across all the Agile Projects Irrespective of the Approach / Process / Framework / Method (Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, Scrum of Scrum, LeSS, XP etc.) they follow.

This Will Enable You:

  • To Become an Expert in Taskboard Design & Implementation
  • To Suggest the Right Taskboard for Your Team, Senior Management & Other Key Stakeholders based on the Challenges that they face in their Assignment
  • To Choose the Right Taskboard for You based on the Challenges that You Face in Your Assignment
  • To Become an Expert in Taskboard Review
  • To Become an Expert in Improving the Collaboration & Visibility
  • To Become an Expert in Improving the Effectiveness of Stand-up & Planning Meetings
  • To Become an Expert, Discouraging the Ineffective Ways of Multitasking & Encouraging Effective Ways of Multitasking
  • To Become an Expert in Using Proto-kanban 

This Certification is Lifelong Valid and is a One Time Investment. Click Here to Know More Benefits of Pursuing this Credential

II. KMP-I® or Kanban System Design

Pursuing KMP-I® Will Help You to become an Expert in Designing & Implementing a Project Using Agile Practices, Lean Principles & Kanban Method. This will Enble You:

  • To Become An Expert in Applying System Thinking Approach to Implement Kanban (STATIK) Intermediate Level.
  • To Become An Expert in Recording, Analyzing, Reporting, Kanban Metrics & Take Data-driven Decisions through Simulation.
  • To Become an Expert in Understanding the Impact of Good/Bad Decisions in the Profitability of Your Assignments.
  • To Become An Expert in Driving Transformations Using STATIK. This  Will Help You to Take Many Proactive Decisions in Your Ongoing or Upcoming Assignments.
  • To Become an Expert in Applying Evolutionary Approach in Driving Your Assignments.
  • To Become An Expert in Applying Kanban in Your Assignments Following Waterfall / Agile Methods
  • To Become An Expert in Applying Kanban in any Change Initiatives Across Your Organization
  • To Become an Expert in Implementing Full Kanban System

This Certification is Lifelong Valid and is a One Time Investment. Click Here to Know More Benefits of Pursuing this Credential

III. KMP-II® or KMP® or Kanban Management Professional®

Pursuing KMP® Will Enable You:

  • To Become an Expert in Managing the Day to Day Operations of Your Kanban System
  • To Become an Expert in Identifying the Bottlenecks & Take Proactive Decisions
  • To Become an Expert in Scaling Kanban at different levels (Team, Project, Program, Portfolio, Services & Enterprise Level
  • To Become an Expert in Implementing Kanban in Your Scrum Project (Scrum-ban) Standing on top of Kanban with Transformation Case Study.
  • To Become and Advanced Level of System Thingking Approach
  • To Become An Expert in Using Kanban Coaching Tools Included in KMP®.
  • To Become An Expert in Effectively Using Kanban Cadences.
  • To Become An Expert in Conducting Kanban Meetings Included in different levels of Scaling
  • To Become An Expert in Standardizing the Entire Feedback Loops in Your Kanban System.
  • To Become An Expert in Suggesting & Choosing the Improvements for the Implemented Kanban System
  • This Certification is Lifelong Valid and is a One Time Investment. Click Here to Know More Benefits of Pursuing this Credential

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