Your Learning Partner for Pursuing the Globally Accepted Credentials to Play Your Role More Effectively

How do We Make this Happen? - Using "Diaame Learning System (DLS)", DLS Made Diaame a Unique Brand in a Very Short Time.

Classroom Training

Public Workshop & Certification Programs

Highly Interactive Sessions, Enriched with Simulation, Games, Transformation Case Studies, Consulting/Advisory Examples & Open for Public Enrollment. Your Learning Happens Unknowingly Standing on Top of Our Unique Learning Framework Designed After Many Years of Research, Development & Experiments Performed in different Phases of Multiple Consulting/Advisory Assignments. Customizations will be done based on the Enrolled Participants Profile & Expertise. The Whole Learning System is Designed & Implemented Using Evolutionary ApproachKanban Method. The Learning System uses Kanban Functional Elements &  Scaling Principles. The “WIP Limit” is Applied to all Certification Programs to Make the Service “Fit for Learner’s Purpose”. Visit Trainer’s Profile & Recommendations. Also, Visit Trainer’s Blogs in the Community Web Site Hangout Agile Global Learning Community (HAGLC)” Click to View Some of the Moments Captured in Diaame’s Journey. Our Unique Learning System is the Main Differentiator to Place Diaame – A Brand in a Very Short Time.

online classroom training

Online Video Sessions

The Follow-up Video/Audio Sessions will Help the Participants to Discuss the List of Experiments Performed After the Certification Programs. We Conduct the Follow-up Sessions in a Mutually Agreed Timelines. The Selected Input Parameters will be Analyzed & Discussed in detail. These discussions will Help the Participants to Identify the New Sources of Dissatisfaction, Setting the Lower Control Limit (LCL) & Upper Control Limit (UCL) of the Input Parameters for the Next Experiment, Apply 80/20 Rule and Move Forward to the Next Level of Excellence – Eventually the #ContinuousLearning #ContinuousImprovement will become the Part of your Behaviour. The #Evolutionary Growth will Happen Automatically in your Entire Life – Our Way of “Transforming Life” of Our Partners. This is the Primary Objective in Conducting Follow-up Video Sessions. Identify the Right Spot and Applying Fix Always Eliminate the Gap and Connect the Dots with Strong Base. Eventually, You will be able to add as Many Items as You Want in Your “Knowledge Empire”– That is Our Target Spot, Where We Eliminate the Complete Dependency & You become the “Emperor” – Time to Increase the Boundary of Your Empire & Move Forward… You are not Meant for Where You Stand at the Moment!

Corporate Group Training-Workshops

Corporate Workshop / Consulting / Advisory Programs

The Private Workshop & Certification Programs are different from the Public One. The Customer List Includes Start-ups, Mid-Level & Large Organizations Including Fortune 500. We also Conduct the Private Workshops for the C-Level Executives in the Same Organizations. Most of the Times, the C-Level Executives Recommend it for Senior Management Team and Other Key Stakeholders. These Programs are also Conduct for different Leadership Levels in All Organizations. The Levels include Engagement Level, Business Unit (BU) Level, Account Level, Offshore Development Centre (ODC) Level, Projec / Program / Product Level. For Secured ODC’s (SODC) especially in Banking & Similar Domains, We Conduct the Programs in their ODC’s or any of the Preferred Customer Locatons. We will be using Diaame’s Learning System (DLS) with the Required Customizations on the Simulation, Games, Transformation Case Studies, Consulting/Advisory Tools & Scientific Methods to Make the Partner’s or Customer’s Business or Learning “Fit for Purpose.”