Who We are? The Lean/Agile/Kanban Advisory Service Experts & Your Learning Partner!


To be the Globally Preferred Consulting/Advisory, Learning Partner through Value Creation Within the Boundary of Lean, Agile, Kanban, Coaching Using Diaame’s Learning System.


To provide Consulting/Advisory, Coaching Services to Transform Our Partners/Customers Business With Support from Diaame’s Learning System (DLS) across the Information Technology & Other Industries Where “Knowldge Workers Works”. The DLS uses Lean Principles, Agile Practices, Kanban Method & Evolutionary Approach to Maximize Agility, Faster Delivery, More Predictability. This Eventually Makes the Business “Fit for Purpose” by Enabling Continuous Learning, Continuous Improvement & Get the Benefits of  Evolutionary Growth.

Success Manifesto

Innovation Starts Here

Evolution of Business Model

Applying Thoughts, Data-Driven Decisions & Proactive Movements

Apply Automation/Re-engineering to Efficient/Inefficient Operations to Magnify Efficiency/Inefficiency

Identify New Sources of Dissatisfaction & Apply 80/20 Rule

Observe & Vary the Input Parameters to Reach the Next Level of Excellence

Transformation at a Glance

Message from Team Diaame’s Think Tanks

We are the Lean & Agile Advisory Service Experts. The Entire Organization is Driven Using Kanban Method, Lean Principles & Agile Practices. 

Success Manifesto

Diaame’s Success Manifesto is Unique and We Always Open Multiple Windows for our Customers/Partners to Got to the Next Level of Excellence!

Focus “How We Do” OVER “What We Do” & Standout from the Crowd

Focus “Going Xtra Miles” OVER “Doing Things” & Get Rewarded

Look at “One Self” OVER Looking at “Others” & Reach the Next Level of Excellence

 Team Diaame Always Compete with Ourselves to Reach the Next Level of Excellence. We Enable & Empower Our Customers/Partners Using Scientific Methods & Tools to Standout from the Crowd Irrespective of the Domain they are in. Yes, We work across the domains, but within the Boundary (Agile, Lean, Kanban, Coaching & Diaame’ Learning System) and Maintain Mutual Beneficial Relationship by Walking the Xtra Mile and We are here in Our Boundary for –

“Bridging the Gap by Delivering Value Beyond Contract”

Even though the Consulting/Advisory Services Started in a Full-Fledged Manner by the End of 2017, We have taken the Initial Steps in the 4th Quarter of 2008 and Was an Amazing Journey Evolved Over a Period of Time:

#ContinuousLearning #ContinuousImprovement

An Example of Growth Using the Power of “Evolutionary Approach”. 

This is the Period We Completed Many Research, Development & Experiments in Different Horizontals & Verticals Where Knowledge Workers Works. The Results has Played an Important Role in DLS Building.

Does One Size Fits All?

The Experiments are Applied in Government & Corporate Sectors in India & Abroad. The Results Given More Insights in DLS Creation, Enabling Customization Specific to the Customer/Partners Business.

The DLS Empowers us to Customize All Our Consulting / Advisory / Certification Programs More  Easy & Make the Partner / Customer Business / Learning “Fit for Purpose”. The Customization is Specifically Executed as Every Business / Project / are Unique Endeavors. 

Information Technology Revolution

We are Living in the Era of “Information Technology Revolution”, the Moment You Key-in any “Topic”, the Search Engine is Going to Pull Plenty of Related Links. But It is Important to Give Complete Focus to “Authenticated” or “Authorized” Links. Basically, It is More Important to Know “What Not to Focus” than “What to Focus” OR “What Not to Do” than “What to do”, This is absolutely going to Improve the “Quality of Your Service”.

“Team Diaame” is Practicing this Since 2008 and Reached the Current Maturity Level. The Philosophy Remains the Same Inspired by the Legend Bruce Lee “Flow Like Water”. Our Current Focus is “Consulting / Advisory / Life Transformation / Diaame Learning System” Within the Boundary of “Agile, Lean, Kanban, Coaching & Learning”. But What do We do for the “Next Two Decades”?

Diaame’s Think Tanks have a Clear Map on this and We would be Publishing Outcomes on a Periodical Basis. The Primary Objective is to:

Maximize Agility || Faster Delivery || More Predictability

But, How do We make this Happen? – The How Part is Most Important & the One that Helps Anyone to Stand-out from the Crowd:

How do We Adapt & Respond to the Market Changes When You Have Two Decades of Plan? – The Business Agility!

The Answer is Very Simple, We have Done it in the Past & that Created the Unique Value for the Brand “Diaame”. Do You Know Indian Army is one of the Best Example of Implementing Agile with Maximum Agility?

Agility is a Part of Any Proud Army Members (“Jawan”) Behavior. The Think Tanks in Army Always have Thousands of Plan for All Missions due to the High Degree of “Volatility”, “Uncertainty”, “Complexity” & “Ambiguity” (VUCA).

They Never be able to Predict Opposition’s Movements. They Can Survive Only by Demonstrating “Agility”. Team Diaame too Acquired this behavior to become more effective. We Also Encourage our Customers / Partners also to Acquire this using Scientific Methods & Tools.

In order to Make this Happen, We Always give Special Attention Starting from Proposal Until the Last Piece of Delivery. The DLS helps to Achieve Quick-wins Combined with Go/No Go Options in a Periodical basis from Kickoff Until Last Piece of Delivery – We Never Step-in Any Phase Until We are Sure about the “Value Add.”

How do We Stay Competent in the Market?

We Do Continuous Experiments in the Market within the Boundary of Lean, Agile, Kanban & Coaching Using Different Scientific Methods & Techniques to Understand the Pulse of the Market on a Regular basis Along with Maintaning Consistent Special Attention to the “How” Part – That Really Keeps Our Brand Unique & Standout from the Crowd.

The “CRUX” of Our Evolutionary Growth is that We Always Compete with Ourselves and Develop this as a Culture Across the Organization. We Strongly Believe in the Philosophy of “WATER”:

Flow Like Water


Humility || Harmony || Flexibility