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Alternative Path to Agility Course Series (TKP® & KMP®) Moments We Captured from the Live Online Session

KMP2 Live Online Session

Laurent Ariga

I attended TKP and KMP courses in July in Chennai (India) with Dileep as a trainer. You can feel the passion he has on teaching Kanban. His approach is unique. In the beginning, you are wondering what is going on, but in the end, you understand everything he explained from day one. What I appreciate about the training, Dileep took time for me, and he did few after class to coach me on how to bring Kanban in my team. I can’t wait to apply Kanban in my team. Also, as a non-Indian, the course was clear to understand, no language barrier.  

Gajanan Chaudhari

It was my first experience, when I meet Dileep for my Kanban training. This guy has extra full energy, using this energy he has started his training session, and it is hard to believe but its true, that he has the same energy till end of my session (end of 5th day also). He always welcome any question and provide very detail answer on it. When he shares his knowledge in training its like he just distributed very precious and expensive knowledge diamonds with the attendees. His every topic has full of current advance knowledge, in a very simple language. which is easy to understand and ready to keep in memory forever. I must say Dileep is an KING maker in Kanban. he trains his every student like that only. where after training they can work in their areas as like KING. may be my best wishes are very small in front of his efforts, but still I must say “Wish you all the best for future events”. 

Rambadri Madhavarao

The best Kanban trainer !!!. Dileep kept all sessions alive and covered the course in the best possible manner by complete content, in-depth, with understandable examples and working demos. His presentation style is very impressive. He really makes learning fun, very informative, practical, and his method of delivery is so easy to receive and understand. Actually, he teaches without presentation and explains live scenarios with full of energy and two way communication. He answered all of our questions and made the training and learning a Fun activity. Thank you so much.

Deepak Bhatt

I would say Dileep has a unique way of Imparting knowledge thus ensuring everybody is on board and gets the understanding. The 4 days were full of Interaction and an opportunity to learn from each other…I would recommend Dileep anytime if you want to learn about Kanban and other initiatives.

Soon Kiat Ker

I flied from Malaysia to attend KMP1 and KMP2 training with Dileep. His reputation and experience in Agile skills has motivated me to purchase the ticket and come to India just for the training!

Based on my experience, he is a fantastic trainer who is able to articulate the course syllabus practically and interactively. During the training, he shared his knowledge and value on implementing Kanban. Unlike other trainers who solely stick to one methodology/framework, he was able to see Kanban from a big picture and explained on how it fits into the world of Agile.

One thing I enjoyed the most is the design of the workshop. The are a lot of games and activities involved in the session. This reinforced my learning and helped to register all the Kanban knowledge in my mind.

I wish Dileep all the best in his career and hope that he could continue making an impact in the world of agile! 

Kishore Mathew

Mr. Dileep is a motivated, forward thinking and who has lot of knowledge in his filed. He has exceptional expertise in training and motivation. I attended several training sessions (Kanban) conducted by him and managed by Diamme, He continuously demonstrated solid ethics throughout the sessions. It was fantastic to work with him… I wish him all success

Usha Londhe

Dileep is a pro in his field. Attending the KMP training through DIAAME was pure by chance and I am glad that I had the experience. He has a very unconventional approach in Coaching. It was a great interactive session and fun learning. Looking forward to the next session in Mumbai and a chance to having Dileep as my mentor again.

Bharath Polagani

Really glad to get trained by Dileep on Alter are Path to Agility. He is a trainer with unique delivery style and a master at what he teaches. I highly recommend him to consider for your training and certifications. Wish him the best!!

Srikanth Potluri

wonderful training by Dileep. best part is I don’t have to unlearn much,i went clean slate for training.whatever dileep taught,coached us has industry relevance. with over decade of kanban implementation and consulting experience, he is the best kanban consultant in the market.

Ajay Kataram

We had a wonderful Session with Dileep in Hyderabad from Sept 14-Sept 2018. It was a session that Dileep made us learn unknowingly with the concepts and examples given for each scenario.The energy levels of dileep was so high that made us learn the concepts very easily for Team Kanban Practitioner(TKP) and KMP1.We had shared a lot of real time examples happened with us and was a more learning session

Dileep is a wonderful person with good sense of humor and also the mindset of us was in the same pace. 

Sreedutt Sasikumar

I am really glad that I decided to take TKP and KMP-I from Dileep, for the simple reason, learning from reading content and learning from experiences of a highly professional and experienced person is extremely different and from Dileep’s we get the later..

Gained a lot of confidence from our interactions and is looking forward to apply all those in my professional life as well as personal life…

Rajesh Grover

Dileep has a completely different approach to training, where rather than following a sequence from training material he focuses on having people taking the training put there thought and people learn implicitly, rather than being actually focusing on sequential learning process. This create a completely different flow where it is easier for everybody to relate the things and learn in an elaborate way. 

Mallika Jayamohanan

I took TKP and KMP-1 training from Dileep this month in Mumbai. He ensured to keep small group so that he can give atmost attention to few of us. I find his way of training very different from Traditional approach which was new for me. He would share his personal stories and experiences and unknowingly I realised he just made us understand a topic. You can clearly see the passion he has for sharing and teaching. He is very approachable and will go into details till you understand. When I joined the training I had very little knowledge of Kanban but once the training was complete I was much confident and was eager to go back to work and implement all that I learned. Thank you Dileep for sharing all the knowledge and keep up the always ready to help attitude. All the very best!!

Sumeet Pande

Dileep, who is an excellent consultant and gradually evolving towards perfection as a trainer. He understands participants background before training and makes sure that all participants, irrespective of experience level and their current profile, are on the same page by end of the training. He is not a conventional trainer who is focused on training time and giving a straight answer for any query raised by the participant, he makes sure all questions raised by participants are answered by themselves and as a coach, he guides us in the right direction to reach our destination.

Satheesh Selvaraj

The APA (TKP,KMP-I& KMP-II) training Conducted by Dileep for Five days were very effective. He set the base strong and evolved the Training as per Kanban principles. He is living with the Kanban System and transferring the Knowledge very effectively. for his adaptiveness and responsiveness. Thanks for the training on professional as well as personal way of thinking on Kanban.

Bhavik Shah, PMP,CSM

Dileep is a great trainer and has a unique teaching style. It was agreat learning curve and busting myths with his evolutionarytraining sessions. He also makes sure that all participantunderstand the concept before moving forward.

Bharathkumar Sampath

I have attended his training on Alternative path to agility on July2019. They way he show cased his agility during the course is really good. I really appreciate Dileep for his adaptiveness andresponsiveness. Thanks for the training on professional as well aspersonal way of thinking on Kanban.

Rahid Abdul Kalam

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Dileep Appupillai who is a professional Agile consultant and a dedicated personal trainer. Dileep served as my trainer for Team Kanban Practitioner [TKP®] certification. His expertise and persistence in these capacities have been very helpful in my work. Dileep’s experience in this field is matchless and his vigorous drive is inspirational.

I would not hesitate to consult him for any future projects and am pleased to say that he would be an asset to any organization. He came highly recommended to me and went beyond all expectations that I had.

Viswanatha Sivam Krishnamurthy

One of the Best training had in my life.Five Days No PPD and only practical training session with real time questions and Discussion. Mr.Dileep (Kanban Trainer) is Great with full of knowledge and experience. He explained all the questions from different people in the class. I will recommend his trainee for any people and companies. Thank You.

Tanmoy Das

I had the absolute pleasure of deep diving in to a 5 day Alternative Path to Agility ( TKP , KMP-I and KMP-II) from April 19th to 23rd at Bangalore , conducted by Dileep. He ensured to keep small group so that he can give utmost attention to us. And we were spending 12 to 14 hours a day instead of usual 8 hours.

He has a very unique style of teaching where he focuses on developing competencies , and the learning happens automatically through participation . The entire learning experience was gamified , and a pure myth buster to common misconception about Lean Kanban . His focus was simply to shift our mindset and let the transformation happen in a gamified environment .

He shared many real life case studies from his personal consulting experiences , to help reinforce our learning , and inspired us to start our own consulting practice, doing Agile Transformations using Lean Kanban principles and tools .

Dileep‘s curated combination of explanation, gamified learning, workbook activities, group experience exercises, and thought-provoking sessions were a great combination to convey the course material. He is a real System Thinker with an entrepreneurial mindset. His style to motivate the students to want to learn more was unique and enjoyed every minute of it. The immersive 5 days proved to enhance the material being covered and provided a personal insight into some of the challenges real life could bring. I left the course with a feeling of wanting to pursue further study.

The Simulation, Gamification, Transformation Case Studies and other activities have really helped me in understanding the System Thinking Approach, Task Board Implementation and Review , End to End Project/Program Design and Implementation using Lean Principles, Kanban Method and Agile Practices.

I would not hesitate to consult him for any future projects and am pleased to say that he would be an asset to any organization. He came highly recommended to me and went beyond all expectations that I had.

Alternative Path to Agility Course Series (TKP®+KMP1®+KMP2®) Conducted by Diaame Consulting Services @ Pune

Alternative Path to Agility Course Series (TKP®+KMP1®+KMP2®) Conducted by Diaame Consulting Services @ Chennai

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